About Me!

For those of you that do not know, I am Stuart. A holder of two masters’ degrees in finance and business, and a lover of creativity and design. Having designed my first commercial poster in the 9th grade followed by website and program development in the 10th. Technology has only fueled my imagination and allowed me to grow.

Currently, I have the good fortune of being the digital content and design coordinator for Professor Michael Porter, at the Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness, where I have taken my skills to the next level. I’m using my knowledge in search engine optimization and social media management to improve the online presence of the Professor Porter and his work. All while strengthening my knowledge and understanding of business strategy and competition.

More recently, with my continued education into finance, I have increasingly grown passionate about personal finance and eventual financial freedom. Thus, in wanting to share all that I have learnt, I have put together Credit Caps and Capital, where I write about personal finances and my insights into money management.

The skills and knowledge I have gained, provide me with a unique opportunity of being able to understand the needs and challenges business face when developing both their business strategy and brand image. For that reason, I can lend my skills to those that may need them, and provide both direction and results.


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Master of Finance

A.L.M., Harvard University Extension School, 2019

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Master of International Business

M.I.B., Hult International Business School, 2015


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Digital Content and Design Coordinator

  • Develop and led the refocus of the ISC and Professor Porter’s online strategy.
  • Post, update, and coordinate Michael Porter’s social media accounts and the ISC website.
  • Curate information and users, and publish related articles on the US Cluster Mapping Website.
  • Transcribe and format research documents for Professor Michael Porter.
  • Aid in research projects, providing initial sources and data to establish leads for further research.